Honey Pot Arts & Crafts

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Clay Impressions

We take hand and foot impressions in clay of your little ones or the whole family, which make a beautiful lasting keep sake. We normally recommend that you book ahead so that we can steer you towards a quieter time in the studio to come in to take these prints.


We also can also take prints of your pets paws which for animal lovers are an absolute must or impressions of special occasion flowers -  such as wedding or christening day flowers !

IMG_9099 IMG_9100 DSC_0872

We take the prints into wet clay which we then allow to dry slowly before firing your piece for the first time until it is white.


With animal prints we recommend that you take the clay home in a pack which gives you all the directions you need to take the print at home. This is generally more relaxing for your pets as their print is taken in the environment they know.


After the first firing, we can then decorate it in your choice of colour and add any writing or messages. Alternatively you can do this yourself if you prefer.


Impressions are then fired for a second time before they are ready for collection. It can take from 3-5 weeks for finished pieces to be ready, so please allow time if you plan to give the imprint as a gift.

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